Rainbow in a Cup

So they say that when you are eating a healthy diet you should see a rainbow on your plate at every meal (meaning all the naturally colorful foods are the ones you want to choose.) That really is no problem, and usually ends up tasting delicious…. the challenge is having that rainbow in a cup. Juicing is pretty limited to a certain list of fruits and veggies, and obviously in the end the juice is ONE color. When you add a rainbow of fruits and veggies to the juicing machine it comes out brown, and I mean ate too much at a sketchy chinese food hole in the wall and were up all night on the “throne” brown. (ok maybe that was an exaggeration, but really….) So in order to keep in a color that isn’t simply sickening to look at I tend to keep my ingredients very green, or neutral. Spinach, lettuce, cucumber, celery, broccoli, green apples, fennel (white and green), lemon, ginger, etc. Its things like berries and carrots that add the other colors to my meal rainbow and have the potential to turn it all brown, so I usually just use those in small quantities or with neutrals like fugi apples.

Anyway, when eating whole fruits and veggies the rainbow is easy- one of my favorites is sautéed veggies (as you probably know) and I get a great rainbow going there! Red, green, orange and/or yellow peppers, onions, tomatoes, spinach, garlic, an sometimes broccoli, celery, or carrots. Bam! A beautiful rainbow! Spinach, celery, cucumber, green apple, broccoli, lettuce and ginger leave me green, green, green. I know I am being super healthy either way, and the juicing is even probably a step above the rainbow approach with whole fruits/veggies, but I’m trying to figure out a way to balance these two, or even hit the jackpot and get that rainbow in a cup.

Anyway, for an update on this last few days- I have been trying to really ramp up my cardio time each day so whenever I’m not at work or sleeping I’m trying to be in that gym on the elliptical, recumbent bike or treadmill. I’m making a real effort to juice as much as possible, although its not 100% of the time as I was hoping, and pumping up the berries since they are in season and finally cheap! Fruit eyeballs are my favorite snack- I take a blueberry and stick it inside a raspberry and Tadah! a fruit eyeball. (Hey, don’t knock it til you’ve tried it, and give me a break I spend all day with little kids… this is where my brain goes automatically now.)

Here was my menu yesterday:

Breakfast: Apple-Blueberry Juice

Lunch: Spinach-Celery-Cucumber-Apple juice and 1/2 banana

Snack: 1/2 banana

Dinner: Sliced veggies- cucumber, celery, carrots, and grape tomatoes

Dessert: Raspberries and blueberries


-I have been meeting or exceeding my nightly sleep goal

-I have been WAY surpassing my daily water consumption goal as I got a tumbler with a straw and I suck down 6-7 of those a day, fast.. not to mention all the black tea

-I have been exercising EVERY day, with all the effort to do cardio, so I’m more than set for my weekly goal this week

-I’m juicing quite regularly, just not 100% of my intake

I’m feeling good, looking good (if I may say so myself) and working on the other hurdles in my life currently with the support of friends, family, and my faith.

Hope you are all doing really well, and that as summer slowly makes its way in you are encouraged to get outside and enjoy God’s beautiful creation (today I took the girls on a hike and it was absolutely gorgeous! Not to mention the 16 or 17 slugs we saw… we lost count there were so many!). God bless you, today and everyday


Back to the Roots

Today is day 43 and I am feeling l like having the ability to eat whole fruits and veggies for the last (nearly) two weeks has taken me away from the focus of juicing. I have so much enjoyed all the whole foods but it seems like day after day now I either don’t juice at all or simply added it as an afterthought or a forced addition just because I felt I had to. So, starting tomorrow (Saturday) I am going to do a week of Joyful Juicing- meaning juice only again. My hope is that it will remind me of how great my body feels when I’m giving myself an IV of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Menu today-

Breakfast: Banana

Lunch: Homemade guac (avocado, minced onion, chopped tomato and lemon juice- YUM!) with carrot sticks, tea

Snack: apple, tea

Dinner: sauteed veggie mix (the usual for me- onion, garlic, tomato, spinach, pepper), tea

Dessert: Raspberries and Blueberries, tea


-sleep goal: check

-water goal: check, black tea goal: check

-exercise: not today

-juice goal: none today

Back to my Juice Feast ROOTS tomorrow!!! WOO!

Growing Buds

Day 42? (gosh, I’ve been so wrapped up in trying to get some job applications out over the last two days that I have lost a bit of touch with what day it is!)

One thing I keep thinking about sharing is how many foods I am discovering a new taste for- that’s right, while my waistline is shrinking, my taste buds are GROWING! For example, I used to avoid a few foods quite specifically- tomatoes, whole blueberries, eggplant, and mushrooms. Recently tomatoes and blueberries are almost all I want to eat! I am a bit hesitant to test out mushrooms again- they just give me the heebiejeebies… I mean really? FUNGUS? But never the less, I am hoping with all my heart that I can fall in love with Portabello (is that how you spell it? see I’ve been so far removed from the species all my life I cannot even spell it!) mushrooms because they are such a great, healthier swap for meat in the burger realm (and let’s be honest, a burger here and there can seriously hit the spot.) Hungry Girl has quite a few super healthy burger recipes that use P-bellies (as I will call them from now on, given my shame in lack of spelling abilities) as the “meat”. I also want to try some light, healthy eggplant recipes to try my luck with love there too. It’s amazing to me how much flavor and richness fruits and veggies alone have now that my body is not in a sugar/salt/oil/fat trance. Not to mention how wonderful eating can be when you slow down, enjoy each and every bite, and don’t just mindlessly eat yourself into a painful state of fullness.

CONFESSION TIME: I tried having half a whole wheat english muffin this morning with some sliced banana on it, mostly to test my gluten intolerance and see if it had disappeared as a wonderful addition to the benefits I’m seeing from juicing. Big mistake. In all honesty I think it may have gotten worse, or at least the response was as strong or even stronger than previously possibly because my system hasn’t had any gluten recently. Same symptoms I was having previously just even stronger. Sad. But actually I’m looking at that as great news. It’s just another reason to avoid carby-dense breads, pasta, etc. Hopefully maintaining a gluten-free and vegetarian (/possibly vegan) lifestyle will be even healthier!

So, other than the slap on the wrist I had from that step away from the plan, here is what the days menu looked like…

Breakfast: 1/2 Whole Wheat English Muffin with sliced banana on top.

Lunch: Sauteed spinach, onion, grape tomatoes, garlic and red pepper, Apple/Spinach/Lemon juice

Dinner: Raspberry blueberry mix, more Apple/S/L juice, left over sauteed veggies

I was thinking about it today at lunch- just in that meal alone I think I had 4 or 5 servings of vegetables. Then add in dinner and I’m up to a total of about 3 servings of fruit and nearly 6 or maybe even 7  servings of vegetables. That’s so great. I love that.



-Sleep last night: almost check, I was up a little later than intended working on job apps

-Water consumption: check

-Juice: check

-Exercise: I am all checked off for the week but I am going to do cardio when I get home from work tonight so, EXTRA check!

Tomorrow starts week 7! CRAZY!

Going “Over the Hill” on Day 40

So hard to believe, right? 2/3rds of the way through my initial goal/program of 60 days. It really is just very hard to comprehend that I’ve come that far. I also can’t say enough how I really believe this is a blink relative to the length I hope to carry out this healthier plant-based diet and more active lifestyle. I am head-over-heals about the changes I see in my health, body, and awareness of life. Love. It.

Side note- I mentioned yesterday that today was going to be my first day back to the dual job life and I really enjoyed it. The girls were in such a good mood to have me back (which warms my heart) and I had the chance to chat with some ladies at work for awhile (without any problems or cranky people breathing down my neck.)

Menu today…

-Breakfast: fresh apply juice, a large orange

-Lunch: snap peas, leftover sauteed veggies from last night

-Snack: banana

-Dinner: sliced raw veggies, left over apple juice

-Dessert: mixed berry sorbet

Over the course of the day I had 3 cups of black tea- I’d like to get in 4 but I’ve decided not to force it- last year I had a BAD experience with drinking too much tea too quickly.. yikes!



-Water: check!

-Sleep: check!

-Juicing: check!

-Exercise: not today, no check.

Shout out to Janelle, the mom of the girls I nanny and an overall really awesome woman. I posted yesterday about trying to find ways to get real exercise while I’m with the girls during the day. Not only did she give me some really great ideas for how to do that, but she’s been incredibly supportive of me through this whole process. I am blessed by her in my life, and having her as an employer. (Not to mention the girls LOVE the idea of green juice, and even will take a sip of it and exclaim with an extremely uncomfortable look  on their faces “That was delicious!”)

And a much needed shout out to my family, Mom especially. She’s been the ultimate partner, even from afar, to become healthier better versions of ourselves. She’s always sharing her wisdom, her encouragement, and great tips for everything.

Funday Monday

If you are familiar with Kathy Lee and Hoda you know its Funday Monday. Looking back at the day I realize I did not take the opportunity I had- just by getting to live today- to make it a true Funday Monday. I want to challenge myself on a regular basis to make my days fundays, no matter what day of the week it is, making each memorable and meaningful.


Here is what my day consisted of menu wise….

Breakfast- fruity cocktail (home mix)

Lunch- Sugar snap peas, a HUGE orange

Snack- 2 cups of black tea, a few green olives

Dinner- (my new FAV) sauteed veggies- today consisted of lots of spinach (which I know for sure I like cooked more than raw), grape tomatoes(dido for what I said about spinach- DE, LISH when sauteed), green and red peppers, fresh garlic and fresh onion. Again I made a big batch with tons of spinach so I will have a delicious lunch tomorrow! and APPLE JUICE!!

Dessert- (yup, yup!) cooked apple with cinnamon



-Sleep goal- CHECK

-Exercise goal- one CHECK

-Water consumption goal- CHECK

-Juice goal- CHECK


Tomorrow I get back to a normal work schedule and I am so looking forward to that, my new challenge is to figure out how to get a workout in while being with the girls. Once more- Happy Memorial Day!

Truly, Madly, Deeply (Blessed)

I am so blessed. I am blessed to have the family I have. I am blessed to have the friends I have. I am blessed by my church family. I am blessed by the beauty of this great Earth. I am blessed by the character God gave me, by the love God has pumped into my life and heart, and by the opportunities God has both given me and prepared me for. As I look at the calendar on which I am tracking this particular journey, a number of blessings in my life are brought to mind. I am blessed by God to have the will power to continue through this journey and many others I have been on. I am incredibly blessed to have a fully functioning body. I am blessed to have a support system of family and friends around me who encourage me to continue and build a better me. I am blessed to have access to the resources to focus on my health and undue all that bad I have done in the past. I am so blessed.

Here is what I had today….

-BREAKFAST: fruit medley

-LUNCH: sugar snap peas, half an orange

-DINNER: pickles, left over sauteed veggies from yesterday

TONS of water (my mouth and lips have been SO dry for the last few weeks!)


-I met my sleeping goal last night

-I exercised forever again today

-I definitely met my water consumption goal for the day

-Once again I did not juice, which has become a time issue- I just haven’t been making the time for it. I’m setting a goal for tomorrow- JUICE!

Take some time this Memorial Day weekend and reflect on the blessings of your life. Take time to tell people in your life that they are a blessing to you and that you love them- you never know when you won’t be able to do so anymore. Take time to thank God for jam-packing your life with beautiful wonderful things, and even be thankful for those that in the moment seem like trials instead of treats. You ARE blessed, and you are a blessing to me. Be a good steward of the body you have been blessed with by taking care of it.



Today was a really delicious day food wise. But on the personal frontier this weekend is heavily weighed down with emotion for me personally. Prayers would be greatly appreciated- for myself and my family.

As for my menu today.. UMM!
Breakfast-frozen berries in hot tea
Lunch- 1 large orange and a white peach
Dinner- 1/2 microwave baked potato and sauteed green and red peppers, onion, garlic and grape tomatoes
Dessert(yes you read that correctly; and no, you’re not going crazy)- microwave baked Apple with cinnamon… Mmmmm!

-I continue to reach my nightly sleep goal
– I’m being diligent and met my water goal
– I did not work out today other than the normal tons of walking at work.
-I failed to juice today which is not good, I need to make sure at least one meal is juiced each day if at all possible.

Well there it is. Have a good night!