Carry On, Carry On

I have been struggling over where to go next, I want to continue being healthy but also am afraid that my fear and obsession of not gaining the weight back or going back to unhealthy ways now that the Feast is over may become an overwhelming obsession in itself, possibly an unhealthy one at that. Ive slipped into this pattern where I look at everything I am going to eat and start deciding whether it is guilt-free or guilt-full. Thoughts like “Am I eating too many fruits and not enough veggies?” “Will this carb in the morning ruin all the work I did?” “How many calories does this meal have, how many calories should I be allowing myself to eat now, how many calories are too much and am I at that point?” “If I skip just one day of working out am I going to loose my grip and slip back to old habits?” I want to avoid becoming a monster about my health and instead become a person who is comfortable living a naturally balanced life.

Since I finished my 60 days I have noticed a few things that make me want to jump right back into it full time- the primary of those being my allergies. While I was juicing all the time, all day, I literally had NO allergy symptoms. Since then my allergy symptoms have come back slowly and seemingly with a vengeance! At this point its definitely not as bad as it was last allergy season but knowing what The Other Side feels like, I am incredibly motivated to juice, juice, juice. But, I want to be mindful of what my body needs long-term. The protein-deficient and fiber-less qualities of the feast were ok for the detox period but are not the greatest for my body over an extended period of time. I AM looking into and trying various naturalistic approaches to cutting the power that my allergies have over my body. So far though, no help. The other thing is that I’ve gone back to having cramps and cravings during 1 week of the month. During my feast I did not experience any of that, which was amazing, but now going BACK to those things is kind of worse. 

Among other reasons, I have decided to do the following. (and I need YOUR HELP to keep me to this plan, Please!)

Season 2 is here my friends, Premiering Next Friday, July 20th. And here is the premise….

Every weekend, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, I will juice for all three meals. Same old rules as before- majority veg with some fruit, and keeping up with the water as I have been.

During the week, Monday-Thursday I will be doing what I have been doing- Focusing on Vegetable and Fruit-based meals with minimal good fats and proteins like 0% Fat Greek Yogurt with my fruit and unsalted nuts like almonds and peanuts. The occasional bowl of corn or rice cereal(in great moderation) with soy milk and a english muffin and egg sandwich once a week (for breakfast) for healthy carbs. 

I am challenging myself to HikeUp my efforts in maintaining a healthy life by hiking in the mornings on Fridays while my no-work-Fridays still exist. Even if its as simple as hiking the loop at Discovery Park, when I don’t have time to get out of Seattle city limits for a REAL hike, I see great benefit and relaxation in this challenge. (If you are free on a Friday morning and would like to join me in my hike, LET ME KNOW! Im not fast and I huff and puff all the way up but its fun to have a partner!)

So here are my official goals for Season 2 (No specified length of time at this point):

-Remain “Monster-Free” about my body and health but keeping that spirit of always striving to be the best, healthiest me that I can be.

-Juice on weekends, off during the week.

-Maintain my water goals and exercise goals from before.

-HikeitUp! Hike Fridays until I get a real job, at which point I’ll switch to Saturday mornings.

-Encourage others to be mindful of their health through my honesty and transparency shown here in my blog. 

So folks, set your TiVo for Friday July 20 for the premier of Season 2 of The Juice Feast!! Its gonna be a good one!



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  1. Posted by Kate on July 12, 2012 at 10:24 pm

    Hey, chica, I’ve heard that Bee Pollen is really good to help w/ allergies, especially if you can get some that’s locally sourced.


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