My love affair with blueberries

Its late, I’m just getting back from a 2+ hour post-work-workout in the gym and I’ve got kind of a big day tomorrow, So its gonna be short and sweet 🙂


My menu for the day:

-Breakfast: blueberries

-Lunch: chopped veggies and blueberries

-Dinner: Spinach-Celery juice, small handful of nuts, hot tea

True to the title I am realizing I am in the middle of an infatuation/love affair with blueberries. 2 months ago I would never have thought I would be saying this but I think blueberries are now my favorite food! I have been eating an entire Costco container of blueberries (I think its like 3 pounds or something) EACH WEEK. That and spinach, my new total staples.



-I met my nightly sleep goal last night

-I definitely drank my daily consumption of water today

-I juiced

-I was in the gym for over 2 hours tonight working hard on cardio and weight lifting, meaning I met my weekly exercise goal today


Someone at work stopped me today and said “Youve got a glow about you that set in over the last few weeks, what is your secret and how do I get that?!” Feels selfishly great to have other people acknowledge that they see a change in my health for the better. Many people have commented on the slimming down that almost everyone says they see in my face, but this one was specifically different because she said nothing about my size, just that I looked healthy. What an unexpected pat on the back that shows me I am truly experiencing the sensation of reaching a goal after putting in a lot of hard work to get there. For a moment, allow me to be super selfish and say YAY ME!!

Have a wonderful Friday!


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